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Michael Jackson Ignoring Oprah Is Hilarious

Updated: Jun 22

Michael Jackson may very well be dead, but the King of Pop still has the power to catch the eye of the internet. He has done this recently with a video of him beatboxing and singing his song "who is it" over the top of Oprah Winfrey's who is failing to ask him questions in an inteview. It is brilliant.

Whilst this video is really funny and obviously fake, many internet users seem to believe it to be real. Or at least they are pretending to believe it is real.


This is HILARIOUS!! Oprah was like "When I interrupt people, they usually shut up. What's wrong with him?"


So crazy she didn't stop to enjoy the moment... let him finish the vibe and then continue the interview you've got to let people be when they are in the zone


MJ was a true artiste. Never interrupt an artiste when they're already in their zone.

Great stuff MJ. The man is still making headlines, even from the grave.

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