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The Top 10 Miley Cyrus Voice Memes

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Miley Cyrus is the famous singer slash actor with the raspy voice that has become quite the internet sensation after the internet got their hands on a clip from her interview where she says "the journey is usually the part you remember anyways".

She says this line with a very raspy voice and the internet has taken to making some very humorous comparisons.

The most famous voice meme of Miley is the bulldog one. We have not confirmed what the bulldog is actually saying, but old doggo certainly nails the Miley tone.

Next on the list is the voice meme where Miley is compared with Selma from The Simpsons.

Next up we have the Little Rascals, a fun family film from 1994. Some similarities going on here for sure.

Next up we have a clip from the scary 73 horror film "The Exorcist". If you are wondering what the demon is saying, it is "my aunts quill".

How about a voice meme with a pick along a guitar string? same, but also different.

Star Wars fans will love the next one, Miley really does sound like a droid here!

The next voice meme is pretty savage. Harry is having a serious evacuation on the toilet in a scene from "Dumb and Dumber".

Next up is the Tuvan folk musician Saidash Mongush with The Odugen Taiga Song. One of our favourite ones.

The next Miley voice meme involves a device called an electrolarynx. Reminds me of Ned from Southpark who used one.

And we will leave you with this final Miley voice meme that will concrete this sentence into your brain, if it wasn't already stuck in there!

Now why does Miley have such a raspy voice? Miley had vocal chord surgery in 2019 after being diagnosed with "Reinke's edema". This condition is caused by vocal fold irritation from voice misuse, smoking and other conditions that affect that area of the body. Patients usually have a raspy or rough voice.

Come on internet, play a little nice with those vids and stop being so savage!

Keep right on laughing by checking out one of our other joke categories or read one of our funny articles.

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