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Top Jokes About Will Smith And Chris Rock At The Oscars

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Joke about Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock In The Face

We have put together a collection of the best jokes from the bizarre incident involving Will Smith and a right hand slap to the face of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

Initially Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith looking like G.I Jane due to her short hair which she has shaved due to alopecia. Will Smith took great offence to this and journeyed up to the stage to smack Chris Rock in the face during his speech.

This incident has unleashed a load of jokes of memes about the slap and some of them are pretty funny to be fair. Let's get into them...

Why did Will Smith use an open hand?

Because paper beats Rock.

I got in one little fight and my mom got scared.

She said you can't slap Chris Rock just cause your wife got no hair.

Will Smith and Chris Rock are teaming up to do a comedy tour together.

Chris Rock sets up the joke and Will Smith delivers the punchline.

Funny joke about being marked safe from Will Smith

There can be one hundred people in a room and 99 of them won't slap you, but one Will.

Apparently the headline for next years Wrestlemania is Chris Rock versus Will Smith.

What is Will Smith's favourite band?

Smash Mouth

What is Will Smith's favourite song?

Smack That by Akon

Chris Rock couldn't figure out why Will Smith was on stage approaching him.

Then it hit him.

If Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't appreciate jokes about alopecia,

then that is hair loss.

The Will Smith slap was staged.

Everyone in the audience was a paid actor.

It appears Will Smith's marriage is open to everything,

except jokes.

Why don't comedians tell jokes when Will Smith is around?

He always delivers the punchline.

What is Will Smith's favourite Disney role to play?


Funny joke about will smith being Aslappin instead of Aladdin

Will Smith has received an Oscar for his performance in his latest movie.

The Pursuit of Slappiness.

Have you heard Will Smith's latest album?

Apparently it is a hard rock hit which really slaps.

At the Oscars Will Smith's phone died.

So they charged him a battery.

Enough with the Will Smith jokes already.

he is getting shitty wit it.

How can you tell that Will Smith's slap was not staged?

His son wasn't cast in it.

What is Will Smith's favourite T.V show?

Everybody Hates Chris.

Why did Will Smith's hand hurt after slapping Chris?

It really hurts when you hit a rock.

What is Will Smith's favourite thing about ice hockey?

The slapshot.

Will Smith and Chris Rock go to a Queen concert.

Will will, will will rock you.

What is the difference between Chris Rock and Will Smith?

Chris Rock can take a hit.

If Will Smith is this angry in march,

just wait until August comes around.

If Will Smith doesn't win best actor.

He really will have hit Rock bottom.

Apparently Will Smith didn't get the joke, so he headed to the stage searching for the punchline.

What is Will Smith's favourite type of comedy?


There you have it. Hope that you enjoyed our jokes about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. Remember that violence is never the answer though.

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