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The Crumbiest Bread Puns And Jokes For 2024

Updated: Mar 30

Bread Sheeran Pun Picture

We have put together a collection of the funniest and crumbiest bread puns and jokes. These are sure to have you ROLLing on the floor in fits or laughter or make you smile at the very yeast, I mean least!

How does a loaf of bread threaten one another?

Ciabatta watch your step mate.

Why did the baker throw in a dozen lemons to his bread mix?

He wanted to make sour dough.

What did Homer Simpson say when he tried a slice of it?

This is sour, doh!

What did the slice of bread say to the other when he was challenging him to a fight?

Crumb and get some.

Why are bakery's such an excellent investment?

The worldwide breadmaking business is constantly on the rise.

What do loaves of bread do when they go to the club?

Make it grain.

What dance did the 2 loaves of bread do together at the club?

Bump and grained

What kind of dog did the baker have?

A pure bread.

Funny Daily Bread Joke With Ducks

What did the loaf of bread say when he walked into his house after returning from vacation?

Home wheat home.

What is the most popular selling book in the bread community?

50 shades of grain.

What happened to the loaf of bread that tried to leave the country illegally?

He was stopped by immigraintion.

What do loaves of bread enjoy doing on their camping trips?

Wheat water rafting.

Two slices of bread escaped from the bread bag last night. They were leaving to go get married in vegas.

They really wanted to grow mold together.

What did the loaf of bread at the bakery say to the Indian loaf.

We will have naan of that around here.

What did the man say when he stood on his lunch that he just bought from the bakery?

I'm on a roll.

Where do loaves of bread go to send long distance messages to each other?

The toast office.

What was the loaf of breads favourite Justin Timberlake song?

Rye me a river

Why are bread jokes funny forever?

The jokes never get stale.

What did the slice of bread yell out when he was playing hide and seek?

Bready or not here I come.

Why did the man choose a career as a baker?

It was a labour of loaf for him.

Why did the loaf of bread stop acting in movies and leave hollywood?

His career was toast.

Did you know that pilgrims baked bread on the May-Flour?

What do you call someone who is allergic to burnt bread?

Black-toast intolerant.

What is the most expensive type of bread?

The upper crust.

What did the mother bread roll say to all of her children when she saw how late it was?

Looks like it is your bread time.

How do you tell if a baker is using new and unique cooking methods?

He goes against the grain.

What did the loaf of bread say to his girlfriend after he cheated on her.

I'm so sorry, you really deserve butter.

What did one slice of bread say to the other after they had been prepared for breakfast?

Oh oh, we are toast buddy.

What did the loaf of bread say to the clairvoyant after his fortune telling session with her?

Oh my goodness, you bread my mind.

Why did the loaf of bread get a divorce from his wife?

His marriage was crumbling.

I had to reject a loaf of bread today, tried to be nice about it..

She sure was sourdough

Why wouldn't the slice of bread sit near the fireplace?

It was far too toasty for him.

What did the loaf of bread buy for his girlfriend for Valentines Day?


What did one slice of bread say to the other after he saw that his friend had a really tough day?

Don't worry buddy, tomorrow will be butter.

One slice of bread says to the other "I don't mind if I am eaten first today".

The second slice of bread says "Thanks so much for doing me this favor"

The first slice replies "It is the yeast I could do".

Check out this guy below telling a hilarious joke about Italian bread!

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