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Adopted Teen Gets First Birthday Cake

Updated: Jan 28

Teen getting first birthday cake

A heartwarming video of an adopted teen celebrating his first birthday in America has stirred emotions all around. Abraham Walker was beyond moved when his mom Jamie Walker surprised him with a special cake for his birthday on May 19, 2022. In a touching video shared on Facebook, the sixth grader can be seen overcome with tears at the sight of the cake, as it was his first one with his name on it. "It feels like a joyful moment in your life," Abraham shared with WCNC.

The Walker family adopted Abraham and his older brother James at the end of October 2021. Their journey began when the boys' father, Joe Walker, visited Sierra Leone to play with the kids at an orphanage established by a friend. "It was their 10-year anniversary, and I wanted to go play with the kids. I wanted to see what it was all about,” Joe recalled. During his time there, Joe formed a close bond with James, and the Walker family began sponsoring him, maintaining regular contact over Skype. Unfortunately, a tragedy forced James out of the orphanage, but Joe ensured that he and his little brother Abraham stayed connected through daily FaceTime calls.

With the help of their team, Joe reunited the brothers and sent them back to the Raining Season Orphanage before traveling to Sierra Leone to visit them. The Walkers then discussed the possibility of adopting James and Abraham with their four children, all of whom unanimously agreed. Despite setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe was on a plane to see his boys as soon as travel restrictions were lifted.

Abraham expressed his love for everything about America, describing the experience as fun and exciting. Meanwhile, the Walkers are delighted to witness the brothers' new beginnings in America. Abraham's first birthday celebration was particularly special, as it brought him back to his days in Sierra Leone and made him reflect on the love and support he has received.

The family also revealed that due to insufficient record-keeping in Sierra Leone, they believe the boys' birth certificates may not be accurate, indicating their ages as older than they actually are.

Watch the video here

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