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Dad Makes His Son Steak Cake For His Birthday

Updated: May 1, 2021

Photo Of One Happy Birthday Boy: Facebook

Jeff Janes loves cooking and smoking various meats, his son loves steak too and for his 9th birthday Jeff decided to make him a special "steak cake".

The first layer is of the cake is prime rib, the next layer is rib eye steak, and the top layer is filet mignon, all cooked medium rare. An absolutely heavenly treat for meat lovers!

Jeff prepared the cake by slow smoking the meats and reverse searing them in cast iron. For icing, Jeff used mashed potato icing and even threw in some mouth watering bacon roses for decoration!

A Slice Of Steak Cake, Photo: Facebook

Bacon Roses Are Delicious! Photo: Facebook

Jeff wasn't the first cook out there to make a steak cake either. He was inspired by Max The Meat Guy who made a steak cake and even had a reaction from none other than tv's very own celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Below is a video from Max The Meat Guy on how to make a mouth watering steak cake.

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