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Man Gets His House Plumbing Changed From Water To Beer

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Man plumbing house with kegs of beer.

In one of the greatest pranks of all time, a bunch of kiwi blokes in New Zealand decided to fix their friend Russ's house so that every time a tap was turned on, beer would come flowing out instead of water.

I'm sure that this is a dream for many, to come home and have an apparent endless supply of beer! Although unsure how many people would be keen on having a "beer shower". You would smell like a brewery at the beginning of a big night out instead of the end!

The preparation of this prank took a whole day to do. The pranksters had to get right under the house with the heavy kegs and change all of the plumbing over, all the sinks and yes even the shower!

Multiple cameras were set through the house too so we could capture Russ's reaction to his newly beer plumbed house.

As you can see in the video below, the prank was nothing short of a huge success and prank victim Russ took it like a champ.

This prank was actually posted on YouTube back in September 2013, since then it has had 5.7 million hits.

Some of the top comments are

how is this calling a prank??? this is every man's dream

8 years ago I particularly admire his wife's calm comment 'maybe you can have some people round for the game'…Kiwi girls are legends!

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