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Man Says Yes To His 5 Year Old Son For A Whole Day!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Instagram: Jimmy and son Lenny

If you can remember back to when you were a kid, it was extremely frustrating when you would ask your parents for something and most of the time they would say no. Well 5 year old Lenny was privileged to the ultimate day when his father answered every single request of his with a solid yes!

Lenny's dad is Jimmy Ree's who is a famous television start who appears on the show "Giggle And Hoot". Jimmy thought it would be a good idea to treat his son Lenny to a "yes day" where Jimmy had to say yes to anything that his son asked for!

As you can see in the video, the day turned out to be an amazing and fun time for little Lenny with trips to the toy store, zoo plus plenty more. He even managed to learn a life lesson or 2, watch below.

After the day Jimmy said "he was having the best time. To be honest I hadn’t actually said yes that much. He was happy with what we were doing and never once did he push the boundaries. I was proud of him for that. I made sure to have little discussions with him along the way to get him thinking about how he would feel about eating too many lollies and spending all dad's money. I was having fun too." ref

Maybe it is something you could treat your kid to if he or she has been behaving well. I am am sure it is something that they would never forget!

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