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Teacher Accidentally Farts Out Loud On Zoom Call

Updated: May 22, 2021

Teacher Farts On Zoom Call

You would be lying if you said you had never not attempted a one cheek sneak and performed a silent fart that goes unnoticed. Let's face it, we all fart.

Well, an elementary class in Kansas got lost in laughter when they heard their teacher let rip on a teaching zoom call.

Emma Ginder, 25, has gone completely viral on Facebook with a very suprising yet impressive fart in front of her online zoom class.

Emma asked her class to pull out a book and then a super loud fart noise could be heard. Emma covers her mouth and appears to be stunned and embarrassed! One of her class members asks "what was that?" and the laughter that follows is super contagious.

Turns out it was just a prank by the teacher but it still makes for one of the funniest videos we have seen this year!

Emma commented 'Some days you just have to play a toot sound during class to lighten the mood,' she captioned the clip. 'Way too good not to share. Also, I apologize for having the maturity of an 8-year-old boy.'

What a great teacher with a great sense of humor. We salute you Emma!

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