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The Ten Greatest Elf On A Shelf Memes

Get ready to immerse yourself in the wacky world of Elf on the Shelf memes! These delightfully hilarious creations have proliferated on the internet, bringing a chuckle to holiday-loving netizens everywhere. From clever poses to unexpected scenarios, these memes have become an integral part of the festive season. Picture mischievous elves caught in comical situations, like a mini couch with a cup of coffee or even fishing with candy cane rods. These memes capture the whimsy and humor of the Elf on the Shelf tradition, injecting an extra dose of mirth and excitement into the holiday season for all to enjoy. So, brace yourselves and get ready to laugh uncontrollably at the 10 greatest Elf on the Shelf memes!

But before we dive into the world of Elf on the Shelf memes, let's first understand what it is. Elf on the Shelf is a beloved Christmas tradition that originated from a children's book written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell. The story revolves around the idea that Santa Claus sends his scout elves to homes around the world to keep an eye on children's behavior during the holiday season. These whimsical elves then return to the North Pole each night to report back to Santa. The next day, they reappear in a different location within the home, creating a sense of wonder and excitement as children wake up and search for their elf's new hiding spot. This tradition has since captured the hearts of families worldwide and inspired a myriad of humorous and creative Elf on the Shelf memes that bring humor and joy to the festive season. So, let's now jump right into the 10 greatest Elf on the Shelf memes that will leave you laughing your way through the holidays!

10. First up we have Shrek on the deck. Simple yet effective. Donkey also approves of this meme.

elf on the shelf meme with barley on the Bob Marley

9. How about a little barley on the Bob Marley. A slightly nutty flavour and a slightly nutty meme.

elf on the shelf meme with Yoda on the soda

8. At number 8 we have one for you Star Wars fans out there. A little Yoda on the soda!

elf on the shelf meme with Gollum on the column

7. In 7 Gollum arrives on the scene or more specifically on the column! Yep, It is Gollum on the column.

elf on the shelf meme with tide on the slide

6. Simple but clean and effective for number six. Tide on the slide!

elf on the shelf meme with lego on the eggo

5. It doesn't look like a tasty treat but it is pretty funny. Lego on the Eggo.

elf on the shelf meme with Drake on the cake

4. In a number four we have the famous rapper Drake. Yes, it is Drake on the cake!

elf on the shelf meme with wookie on the cookie

3. In at three we have another meme for you Star Wars freaks out there. Wookie on the cookie!

elf on the shelf meme with santa on the fanta

2. The big fat jolly guy is in at number 2 in this Fantatastic meme. Santa on the Fanta!

elf on the shelf meme with Danny Devito on the speedo

Number 1 is my personal favourite. Danny Devito on the speedo. Too funny!

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