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Top Ten Jokes About 2020

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Let's face it, 2020 has been a crapper of a year so far but where there is craziness there is also humour and we have it her in spades with our Top Ten Jokes About 2020. Believe me, with the Coronavirus, Trump and Protests we have a lot of material to work with for.

How about we get right into it and try to brighten your day with these funny jokes.


If 2020 was a drink, what kind of beverage would it be?

Colonoscopy prep.


Looks like even automotive manufacturing has gone to custard during 2020.

If 2020 Was A Car


I know everything happens for a reason, but 2020? What the actual f**k!


What rating would you give 2020?

2020 1 star joke


Do you remember hula hoops? Well if 2020 was a hula hoop you would probably need to visit the hospital after playing with it.

If 2020 Was A Hula Hoop


No matter what way you look at it, crocs are not very cool. Something that has also not been very cool is 2020.

If 2020 was a pair of shoes meme


Ice cream is usually awesome, so are most other years...

If 2020 was an ice cream truck meme


To be fair, medieval times would have been a pretty shitty time to be alive, but still would have to of been better than 2020.

Knight 2020 Joke


For the Jason Momoa fans out there. 2020 coming at you like..

Jason Momoa 2020 Joke


Nobody likes it when your beer is head than actual beer do they.

2020 beer joke


When god knows the finger circle game. Ouch, my high school arm sure remembers it well.

God 2020 finger circle joke


Now that is one pinata that I would not be hitting with a stick hoping that candy would burst out.

If 2020 were a pinata meme


Makes about as much sense as this year has made so far.

If 2020 was a math problem meme


Probably the worst plate of nachos ever?

If 2020 were a plate of nachos meme


Nothing beats the smell of a delicate aroma from a scented candle.

If 2020 was a scented candle meme


2020 is fun! Swing... swing... splat!

If 2020 was a swing meme


No really, it is fun. Weeeee... splat.


And another ride to finish you off in the playground of 2020.

2020 grater slide meme


Do you remember Friends? If you do then you certainly remember Janice right.

2020 friends meme


Sometimes this year it feels like we are sinking, really quickly.

If 2020 was a boat meme


I think that 2020 feels more like constipation that diarrhea.

If 2020 were a candy meme


Watermelon is awesome, but the crop of 2020 watermelon is not so awesome.

If 2020 was a watermelon meme


Even a cup of coffee will kick your ass in 2020 apparently.

2020 cup joke


Remember to wear your PPE people!

2020 Hitmen Joke


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

If 2020 was a pizza meme


This tweet from @kickeep sums up lockdown life in 2020 pretty well we think.

Childish Gambino 2020 joke


Toilet paper is excellent, but if 2020 was toilet paper it would be grater.

So there we have it, we hope that you enjoyed our Top Ten Jokes About 2020. We have plenty more funny jokes and stories here. :)

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