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Sex Offenders Are Forced To Perform Song And Dance

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Sex Offender Shuffle

During the 80's in Miami, law authorities thought it would be a good idea to disclose all of the sex offenders in the area. That is a fairly common occurrence around the world however what isn't common is that these sex offenders were forced to reveal their crimes in a song and dance form called "The Sex Offender Shuffle".

Ok, so after watching this you probably figured out that whilst the music video is hilarious, it is also not real.

The Sex Offender Shuffle is actually a parody on a music video called "The Superbowl Shuffle" that the 1985 Chicago Bears performed. This song showcased all the players and generated hype around the team. The song was so popular that it even charted on the Billboard Top 100. Here is the original "Superbowl Shuffle".

The "Superbowl Shuffle" worked a treat for the Bears who went on to win Superbowl XX by 46-10 over the New England Patriots.

The "Sex Offender Shuffle" was created by Comedian Scott Gairdner. Many younger viewers who were not familiar with the original "Superbowl Shuffle" thought that the "Sex offender Shuffle" was a real thing that happened in the 80's. Scott happily perpetuated these rumours by answering various questions under different names on platforms such as reddit and ensured fans that the story was legit.

Well played Scott! You certainly made us laugh.

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