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Funny Skunk Jokes And Puns










Have you heard the latest joke about the skunk?

Nevermind, it stinks.

Skunks don't make dollars, they make scents.

Three skunks are walking down a street together when they come to an intersection...

Skunk number one says, "My instincts tell me to go left."

Skunk number two says, "My instincts tell me to go right."

Skunk number 3 says "Hey, my end stinks too, but it doesn't talk to me."

Why did the skunk cross the road?

To get to the odour side.

What do you get when you cross a skunk with a chicken?

A fowl smell.

What do you get when you cross a skunk with a High Court Judge?

Law and odour.

What is the best way to stop a skunk smelling?

Put a peg on his nose.

How many skunks does it take to create an absolutely hideous smell?

A phew.

Why should you never ask a skunk for their opinion?

They are likely to give you their 2 cents.

I bought a pet skunk but returned it to the pet store the following day.

It didn't make scents.

What did the skunk trainer say when he finally got his skunk to perform a trick?


Why are skunks unable to keep secrets very well.

Because someone always seems to catch wind of them.

How are skunks able to tell who they should spray and who they shouldn't spray?


What goes black, white, black, green, white, black, white, green?

2 skunks fights over a zuchini.

Have you heard about the new boy band that consists of 5 skunks?

They are called "Back Streak Boys".




What do you get if you cross an owl with a skunk?

A really smelly bird that doesn't give a hoot.

What did the skunk say  when he went to church?

Let us spray.

Where did the skunk sit when he went to church?

On his pew.

What do you call a skunk that is flying through the air?

A smellicopter.

Who is the rap artists that all skunks love?

50 scent.

Why do you never see skunks acting like idiots?

They have common scents.

Why did little Johnny bring his pet skunk to school?

For show and smell.

Why did the skunk call the plumber?

Because his toilet was out of odour.

What do you get when you cross a cute bear with a smelly skunk?

Winne the phew.

What do get if you cross a christmas bell with a skunk?

Jingle smells.

​A couple are at the airport about to go through customs with their pet snake and pet skunk.

As they approach the customs officer they see a sign that says "Strictly No Pets Allowed Through Customs." The lady gets a little distressed and asks the husband, "Oh no, what should we do with our pets?"

After thinking for a while he has an idea that he will wrap the snake around his waist and use it as a belt. His partner says "yes, great idea! What should I do with the skunk?"

The husband replies, "Why don't you stash the skunk up your skirt?"

The lady is concerned and says "Well what about the smell?"

The man replies "If it kills it, we can always get another one"

What do you get when you cross a skunk with a chicken?

A fowl smell.

What do you call a dead skunk?

A stunk.

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