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Wolf Jokes And Puns











What do you call a wolf that is very conscious of his surroundings.

Aware wolf.

Which animal is grey, has four legs, enjoys howling at the moon, and eats cement?

A wolf. I threw in the cement to make it hard.

A man is talking to his friend when all of a sudden he turns into a wolf!

His friends screams "OMG you have transformed into a wolf"

The man responds "yes, I am aware"

What do you call a coat made from from wolf fur?

A wear wolf.

What do you call a wolf that works in a clothing store?

A wares wolf.

What do you call a very politically correct left leaning wolf in 2020?

A woke wolf.

I recently became a member of a naked wolf hunting group.

It turned out only the wolf was naked.

Wolf: "I'm a wolf"

Werewolf: "I am aware wolf"

A hunter is trekking through the woods when he stumbles across a wolf. The wolf attacks him and after some serious struggling and getting bitten by the wolf the hunter is able to escape from the wolf. The hunter heads directly to the hospital for treatment and tests.

The doctor comes in to see the man and says, we have got your test results back and I have some good news, you just have a little beast infection.




I met a wolf the other day and taught him how to meditate.

He is aware wolf now.



Little red riding hood is travelling through the forest on her way to grandmas house when she sees a strange shadow behind a tree. Being the curious young girl she is, Little Red Riding Hood investigates only to find the wolf!

Red Riding Hood: "You aren't The Big Bad Wolf are you?"

Wolf: "Yes, yes I am"

Red Riding Hood screams and runs away as fast as she can until she can't run any more. She continues on her way until she sees another strange shadow behind a boulder. She investigates behind the boulder only to find another wolf again!


Red Riding Hood: "You aren't The Big Bad Wolf are you?"


Wolf: "Yes, yes I am"

She screams again and runs away and finds herself lost. She decides to spend the night in a nearby cave but as she enters she sees a wolf!

Red Riding Hood: "You aren't The Big Bad Wolf are you?"

Wolf: "YES I am! Would you just leave me alone, I am trying to go to the toilet in peace!




What do you call a wolf that you have trouble finding?

A where wolf?




What did the big bad wolf do after doing some cross fit?

He huffed and he puffed.




A couple are driving through the forest when all of a sudden

the girlfriend says "I think I just saw a wolf!"

Boyfriend replies "where?"

Girlfriend "Nah, pretty sure it was just a regular one"




What did the Uber driver saw to the wolf?

Where wolf?






Cartoon Wolf Blowing
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