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Funny Gorilla Jokes And Puns











Why should you never fight a Gorilla?

They know king kong fu.




What is a gorillas favourite ice cream flavour.

Chocolate chimp.




What did the gorilla wear when he was cooking in the kitchen?

An ape-ron




What do you call a large gorilla who appears to be in a bad mood?





Did you hear about the extremely serious gorilla?

He didn't monkey around.

Did you hear about the gorilla with a screw loose?

He needed to use a money wrench to tighten it.




Did you hear about the gorilla who loved listening to classical music?

He was a silverbach.



Why do gorillas have really big fingers?

Because they have really big nostrils!



What is the hairiest side of a gorilla?

The outside!

What food did the Gorilla order when he went to France?

Ape Suzettes.

What do you feed a 700 pound gorilla?

Just give him anything he wants and then run.

What did the gorilla businessman specialise in?

Monkey business.

What is the first thing that gorillas learn at kindergarten?

Apey Cee's?

What do you get if you cross a talking parrot with a gorilla?

I am not sure but if he says something you better damn well listen.

Why did the advertising tycoons hire a bunch of apes?

They were running a gorilla marketing campaign.

Why was there a troop of gorillas protesting outside the biscuit factory?

They wanted to stop the production of animal crackers.

What is most gorillas favourite book to study in English class at high school.

The Apes Of Wrath.

What is a gorillas second favourite fruit to eat behind bananas?


What is the best thing to do if you notice a gorilla is sitting at your desk?

Find another place to sit.

Did you hear about the 2 apes that kept fighting with each other?

It was gorilla warfare.

Why wasn't King Kong able to climb to the top of the Empire State Building?

He couldn't quite fit in the elevator.

Where do apes like to cook their sausages?

On the gorilla.

What is just as big as a gorilla but literally weighs nothing?

A gorillas shadow.

Why did the gorilla have to visit the vet?

He wasn't peeling well

A gorilla escaped from the local zoo and instead of buying another one they thought it would be a cheaper option to hire a man in a gorilla costume.

When zoo visitors came to see him he pounded his chest, grunted and walked like a gorilla. 

Beneath the gorilla him was a lions cage.
One day the man in the gorilla suit was running around, grunting and pretending to be a gorilla when all of a sudden, the bottom of his cage broke and he fell into the lions cage!!
The man panicked and yelled out "help me, help me" for fear of his life!
The lion approached the man... The Lion says "Shut up! You are going to get us both fired!"




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