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laughing Otter

Funny Otter Jokes And Puns











Which would you rather be, a penguin or a little otter?

A little (h)otter.

2 otters are going on a journey in a van. Who is driving?

Animal control.




Did you hear about the magical otter wizard?

Harry Otter.




Where do otters keep all of their prized possessions?

I a river bank.




What is an otters favourite fast car?

A Furrari Testerotter. It really is a dream otter-mobile




What do you call an otter who has yams in both of his ears?

It doesn't matter, he can't hear you.




Why did the otter cross the road?

To show the possums that the impossible could be done.




Why did the otter go "woof woof"?

It was learning a new language.




What do you call an otter with a brand new pair of glasses?

A see otter.




Did you hear about the stampede of otters that broke free from the aquarium?

It was otter chaos.




What is the difference between an otter and a navy aircrewman?

The otter knows he is not a seal.




Did you hear about the otter that snuck onto a Nasa rocket?

He was trying to get to otter space.




I always get badgers, beavers, seals and otters confused with each other.

I otter know better.




My 2 pets fell into my swimming pool.

One of them couldn't swim at all but the otter could.




Why did the seal cross the road?

To get to the otter side.




What did the the female otter say to her boyfriend when she broke up with him?

I think we should see otter people.




Did you hear about the otter who could talk to ghosts?

He was in touch with the otter side.




What was the Otters favourite 90s alternative rock song?

Alanis Morrisette - You Otter Know




What was the Otters favoutire xBox game?

Grand theft Otter.




What does an Otter have that no other animal has?

Otter parts.




Why was the Otter able to fly the 747 plane?

It had otterpilot mode.




What did the vet say when he helped deliver the baby otter?

Wow, she is otterable. (adorable)

What did the otter say to his dad when he came home with a black eye.

You should see the otter guy dad.

Who did the otter phone up when he got arrested?

His Otterney.

What did the romantic male otter refer to his wife as?

His otter half

What did the mother otter say to her son when she found out he had been skipping school?

You otter be worried about your punishment.

What did the sea turtle say after he had a punch up with an otter?

"You should see the otter guy".




I got invited to my friends wedding which was being held at the local aquarium.

I just went along by myself as I don't have a significant otter.




Did you hear about the otter that went to the zoo bar and picked up an elephant?

Strongest damn otter I have ever seen.




Where about do otters go to relax and unwind after a long day?

In the otter tub.




What advice did the seal give to the beaver?

Always be kind to otters




Why was the penguin allowed to go into the otter enclosure at the zoo?

He played well with otters.




What is an otters favourite sandwich spread for their bread?

Otterly Butterly




What is the best thing to do when you meet a really famous otter?

Get their ottergraph.




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