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Skeleton Jokes And Puns 2024

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Funny skeleton joke about spicy food



Why did the skeleton go to acting classes?

He wanted tibia star.

A skeleton walks into a bar and says to the bartender "I'll have a beer please, and a mop".




What do you call a lie which is told by a skeleton?
A fibula

​Where do bad jokes about skeletons belong?

In the skelebin.


What did the doctor say to skeleton who had a temperature of 102 degrees?
Looks like you are running a femur.

Why can't skeletons eat spicy food?

They don't have the stomach for it.




What is half the diameter of a skeletal circle?

The radius.

What happened to the skeleton after he completed a marathon race?
He was bone tired.

What is a skeleton's favourite thing to do with their mobile phone?

Take skelfies.

What do French skeletons say before eating their food?
Bone appetit.

What do Spanish skeleton's enjoy eating?

What job on a construction site is a best suited to a skeleton?
Cranium operator.

How much does an elephant skeleton weigh?


What do you call a skeleton who likes to hang out at coffee shops and listen to indie music?

A hip-ster.

What is a skeleton's least favourite season?

Winter, because the cold goes right through them.




What do you call a military formation of skeletons?
a phalanx

What musical instrument is a skeleton best at playing?

What kind of seafood do skeletons fish for?

What is a skeleton's favorite type of film to watch?
a spine-tingler

What is a skeleton's number one movie?

The Lovely Bones.

Who is the world's most famous skeleton detective?
Sherlock Bones.

What kind of candy made the skeleton have to go to hospital?

Why can't skeletons fly over area 51?
Because it has a no-fly-bone

What kind of pasta do skeleton's enjoy eating the most?
Elbow macaroni

Who is a skeleton's favorite female movie actor?
Ulna Thurman

Why are skeletons unable to play tennis?
They always get tennis elbow

Why did the skeleton shake every time he heard a joke?

It made his funny bones tingle.

Why do skeletons make terrible drivers?
They always dislocate the shoulder.

What do you call a dead skeleton?

Why are skeletons so hard to make angry?

Nothing is able to get under their skin.

Why was the skeleton rushed to hospital?

To get his ghoul bladder removed.

What is a skeletons favourite unit of measurement?





Why did the skeleton climb up a tree?

A dog was trying to chew his bones.

What was the skeleton's favourite shop of all?

The Body Shop.

What band do all skeleton's enjoy listening to?


What does a skeleton use to cut through objects?

A shoulder blade.

What kind of jokes do skeleton's tell?

Humerus ones.

What kind of bird do skeleton's like the most.

Sea skulls.

What did the skeleton say to the vampire?

You suck.




How do French skeletons greet each other?


Why are skeleton's unable to lie?

You can see right through them.

What do you call a skeleton who eats ice-cream far too quickly?

A numbskull.




Why was the skeleton embarrassed in swim class?

He had a boner.




How come skeletons love milk so much?

It is great for the bones.




Why was the skeleton sad at the school dance?

He had nobody to dance with.




Who won the skeleton running race?





What do you call a skeleton who refuses to work?

Lazy bones




What did the skeleton make in art class?

A skull-ture.




What did the skeleton have painted on his Harley Davidson?

Bad to the bones.




What do skeletons always order when they go to a restaurant?

Spare ribs. 

​What kind of plant do Japanese skeletons like?

Bonezai trees. 

Why couldn't the skeleton cross the road?

He didn't have the guts to do it.

What do you say to a group of skeletons sailing away on a boat trip?

Bone Voyage.

Why do skeletons make excellent weather men?

They always know when it is going to rain because they can feel it in their bones.

How do French skeletons greet each other?

They say Bone Jour.

Do you about who won the 2021 beauty contest for skeletons?


Why did the criminal skeleton keep escaping from jail?

He had a skeleton key.

What did the skeleton who had no friends keep saying.

I'm really bone-ly

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