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 Tall Jokes

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Tall Jokes

It is no secret that short people are the butt of many jokes but don't worry if you are a shorty, We have you covered on this page with the funniest collection tall jokes out there.

Enjoy and play nicely people.

You're So Tall Jokes


You are so tall that you tried to do a backflip and kicked god in the nuts.





You are so tall that no matter where you go, you can always see your house.




You are so tall that when you break your leg, you have to use ladders as crutches.




You are so tall that you had to rip the front seat out of your car so you could sit in the back seat and drive it.




You are so tall that you tried to do a pressup and burned your ass on the sun.




You're so tall you can sit on the golden gate bridge and soak your feet in the ocean.




You're so tall that when you went to the zoo, a giraffe asked you to get married.




You're so tall that you know exactly when Santa leaves the North Pole.




You're so tall that when you play basketball you need to crouch down to put the ball in the hoop.




You are so tall that when you go get a haircut, the hairdresser needs to pack oxygen.




You're so tall that when you go swimming in the middle of the ocean, you only end up wading.




You're so tall that you can light your cigars with the sun.

You are so tall that you tripped over and smacked your forehead on the moon.

Tall Jokes - Tall Jokes Reversals

Where did you get your giraffe seeds from?



Wow, you are tall, do you play basketball?

Reversal: Do you play minigolf? or You are so short, are you a jockey?





How many years did it take you to grow that tall?

Reversal: Apparently x number of years.




Just exactly how tall are you?

Reversal: Just exactly how much do you weigh?




What is the weather like all the way up there?

Reversal: Spit on them and reply "it is raining". Or as a less harsh alternative "What is the dirt like down there with the rest of the ants?"




How many times do you faint per day?

Reversal: Only when I get a boner




Can you pass me x from the top shelf?

Reversal: Sure, can you pass me y from the bottom shelf.




Are your parents tall as well?

Reversal: No, but do you need a step ladder in order to hug yours or are they short asses too.




Do you need a sunroof in your car in order to fit in it?

Reversal: No, do your parents still drive you to school in a minivan?




Walk up to said tall person and say "wow, you must have been put together outside"

I once had a good tall joke but it went over everyones head.

What do tall people do when they are close to the airport?


What do tall people have nightmares about?

Ceiling fans.

What is the best way to piss off a tall person?

Pick them up in a mini cooper.

How can you tell the difference between a clown and a tall person?

Their shoe store.

What do you call a big and tall store?





Did you hear what happened to the tall man who tried to hang himself?

He is fine, he couldn't find anything tall enough to tie the rope to.

What is the best way to make a tall person look more goofy and awkward?

It is impossible.

What do you call a beautiful/or handsome tall person?

They don't exist.

What is the difference between a power pole and a tall person?

The tall person is slightly more intelligent.

Hey look out man! There is a low flying plane up there!

I only saw your legs in your yearbook photo.




What does a tall person and a broken lightbulb have in common?

They are both not very bright at all.

Do you know what Victoria's Secret is?

She digs short dudes.

What are the 2 best uses for tall people?

Getting things you cannot reach and laughing at.

Whenever a tall person smacks their head on a doorway, somewhere a short person is smiling.

What is the difference between a 5 foot person and a 6 foot person?

One person was blessed with an extra foot of height and the other person was blessed with a brain.





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