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 Big Head And Big Forehead Jokes!

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Funny Big Head Baby

Get ready for some serious big head and big forehead one liner roasts!

Big Head Jokes

Your head is so big that you have to step into your shirts when you get dressed.

Your head is so big that you don't need to go to the cinema, you already  dream in "wide screen".

Your head is so big that underneath your passport photo it reads "to be continued on page 2"

Your head is so big that "lather, rinse, repeat" is just not an option.

Seriously, tell me, just how big is your pillow?
No hang on, I bet that just buy a king sized mattress to lay your head on.
Your head is so big that when it rains your body never gets wet. Ever.

Whatever you do, do not let Luke Skywalker see your head, he may fly his spaceship into your ear.

As a child a lot of kids would shove things up their nose.
Did you use a bowling ball which they never got out again?
Your head is so huge that it has its own gravity pull.
Your head is so big that your right ear is in a different time zone to your left.
Your head is so big that you got booted from the stadium for blocking the skybox views.
Sponge Bob Squarehead.

Your head is so big, you could paint a target on the back of it and giants could use it as a dartboard.

Wow, you must have extremely strong shoulders.
Why is that?
To hold that absolute mega size head up.

Your head is so massive that if you used it as a bowling ball, you would be guaranteed a strike everytime.

Your head is so big that people mistake you for a real life bobble head toy.

Your head is so large that I ran around it to train for my half marathon race.

Your head is so big that you need to be careful to stay away from needles and pins so it doesn't pop.

Your head is so big that your left and right ears are in different time zones.

Your head is so big that the airlines have to charge you for extra baggage every time that you fly.

Your head is so big that the rest of your body will never get a tan.


When I was a young child I had a large head. Everyone would call me "Pumpkin head". Eventually my body grew into my head.
Now everyone calls me "pumpkin man".


Funny Forehead Joke Featuring Rihanna

Forehead Jokes

Forehead jokes are similar to big head jokes but focus more on the forehead! Enjoy these classic jokes and roasts. 

You don't have a forehead, you have more like a 6 or 7 head.

Your forehead is so big that your entire face is on your chin.

The world's most experienced rock climbers from all around the globe visit you with hopes of climbing the biggest wall of them all, your forehead. Many have died from losing grip on the ever-moving handholds that is the lines on your forehead, plummeting to death from the steep fall. Nevertheless, successfully climbing your forehead remains the biggest feat in the rock-climbing community.

It costs $40 to take a taxi from your eyebrows to your hairline.

It takes you 30 minutes longer than everyone else to enjoy music because the information has to travel from from your ears to your brain which is miles away.

How many times have you fallen over and broken your nose because of the gravity created by your forehead.

Your hair broke the land speed record running away from your face.

Your forehead is so big that if you had a stroke, it would look like a landslide gone wrong.

You could power the whole neighborhood if you attached a solar panel to your forehead.

The good news is that you could make a lot of money by selling billboard space on your forehead.

The good news is that if someone ever insults you, it will never go over your head, ever.

Your forehead looks like the bottom of a stingray that 4 fishermen are all trying to catch at the same time.

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